QuickCheck for PD Patients

Microbiosensor is a company that develops medical devices, including QuickCheck, which measures a PD patient’s effluent white blood cell count to check for signs of peritonitis. This could allow the patient to get the right treatment quickly. The QuickCheck device can be seen at https://youtu.be/R6CrduzqMtg, also:

Sampling for QuickCheck from Baxter PD bags: https://youtu.be/nYkFjoIwsdg

Sampling for QuickCheck from Fresenius PD bags: https://youtu.be/J4Gg9B-z6-M

The current aim is to make the QuickCheck system suitable for patients to use at home. Patients being able to test for peritonitis in the comfort of their own home could improve their experience with PD in various ways, including earlier identification and treatment of peritonitis, and the ability to take routine samples without having to travel.

To ensure that the modified QuickCheck system is easy for patients to use, Microbiosensor are asking PD patients to help by give feedback on the system’s design. This feedback will be based upon patients talking through how they currently use PD and how the QuickCheck system might be modified to fit into this.

Patients who are interested should email feedback@microbiosensor.com , putting ‘FAO Tom Willett: QuickCheck design feedback’ in the email title.

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