Support for Carers


You will find up to date information on the Carers Support Centre page.

  • Are you one of the thousands of carers in Bristol who provides unpaid support to family or friends who could not manage without this help?
  • Did you know that if the person you care for goes into hospital, there is someone who can provide you with help, support and information?

At the BRI, Southmead Hospital and South Bristol Community Hospital we have a Hospital Carer Liaison Worker who acts as advocate and can provide information, advice, emotional and practical support for you. They help ensure the discharge process goes smoothly and prevent readmission through carers being unable to cope.

Carers Support Scheme is also available for carers who continue their caring role whilst the person they care for is in hospital. This offers:-

  • A carer conversation- A daily conversation with staff to identify what support you wish to offer and support you need as well.
  • A daily sticker allowing agreed increased access to the ward.
  • Discounted meals in hospital restaurants – Southmead only.
  • Discounted car parking – Southmead only.

Further information can be obtained from ward staff or the Hospital Carer Liaison worker.

Would you like to get involved?

We wish to work with carers more effectively and involve you in decisions being made about improvements and/or changes to hospital services. You can do this through providing feedback of your experience, or you may wish to become more actively involved by attending meetings and consultations. Please contact Richard Fox, Hospital Carer Liaison Manager on 07825 299112 for further details.

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