Dialysis in Spain

The following information has been supplied by Diaverum.

Here are the latest requirements (June 2024) for booking holiday dialysis in one of our Diaverum units in Spain:

To make the provisional reservation:

  • Complete and up-to-date medical report (doctors letter that includes description of the cause of Chronic Kidney Disease, diabetes yes/no, hypertension, history of ischemic heart disease, digestive pathology, pulmonary pathology, neurological pathology, prostate cancer, etc.). At the end of this doctor´s letter please include a phrase, in case no other pathologies exist, No other pathologies are detected.

Once availability has been confirmed in our centers (based on the reports received), we would ask you for the following information in order to be able to send you the final confirmation for patients` dialysis sessions:

  • Complete and updated medical report (if necessary)
  • Updated serology lab results no older than 30 days immediately preceding the first treatment in our unit. The screening/lab result must include:

o   HBs Ag
o   AbHBs
o   AbHBc
o   Anti-VHC
o   Anti-HIV, performed within 30 days


In the event that the patient presents with positive HBc antibodies (regardless of the HBs antibodies result), serology should be expanded with a viral load (PCR) of the hepatitis B virus or alternatively: IgM anti-HBc and IgG anti-HBc.

In the event that the patient is Hepatitis C Ab positive, the serology should be extended with a viral load (PCR ARN-VHC) of hepatitis C.


I would like to direct your attention to our Local Travel Guide. This resource will undoubtedly prove beneficial in identifying the most suitable holiday destination for your future trips to Spain.

Subsequently, you may utilize our booking engine,  d.holiday or alternatively, contact me directly to submit your request. For comprehensive information about Diaverum Spain, please visit our website at www.diaverum.es

d.holiday – UPDATE – I take this opportunity to remind you that:

  • The use of the d.holiday platform is recommended for sending requests for holiday dialysis
  • The user has the option of uploading the documentation on this d.holiday web space
  • Additionally, the d.holiday booking platform has the option of proposing to the user alternative shifts and schedules (this management is in charge of the designated clinic staff; it does not replace the definitive confirmation document). In these cases, the user has 72 hours to respond
  • Our units attend holiday groups, holiday dialysis in chain as well as individual requests

I remain at your disposal for any doubt or question.

Paulina Walkowiak

Holiday Dialysis Coordinator Diaverum Spain
Administration Clínicas de Málaga
Phone +34 952 365 780
Mobile:+34 635 279 660

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