Dialysis in Greece

The following information has been supplied by the Saronic Nephrological Center (In June 2024).

As a dialysis patient you can combine your holiday and treatment on a Greek Island. Click on the image below to see the flyer.

The emerald island of Aegina in Greece, just 40 minutes from the city of Athens, is home to a well-equipped and modern dialysis unit, providing comprehensive care for those in need of dialysis treatment. This unit is operated by experienced medical professionals who are dedicated to ensuring that patients receive high-quality care in a safe and comfortable environment.

The geographical location of Aegina gives dialysis patients the opportunity for day trips to the nearby Saronic islands (Agistri, Poros, Hydra, Spetses) and to the archaeological site of Epidaurus, where every summer, from June to August, theatrical performances are staged with subtitles (ancient tragedies and comedies).

The dialysis unit is equipped with the latest technology and equipment, including cutting-edge medical devices and machines (from companies NIKKISO & BAXTER) that deliver precise and effective treatment. Patients receive personalized care plans that are tailored to their unique needs, ensuring that they receive the appropriate treatment to manage their condition.  Additionally, our Unit accepts patients with the European EHIC card and also offers the service of transporting the patient to and from their hotel or accommodation free of charge.

Patients can take in the stunning scenery and enjoy the island’s warm and welcoming atmosphere while receiving the care they need. Whether they are a resident of Aegina or simply visiting the island, they can rest assured that the dialysis unit is available to provide the care and support they need. The medical professionals at the unit are committed to ensuring that they will receive the highest quality care.

For more information, I have attached a flyer of our unit and provide you the link to our YouTube channel: https://youtu.be/N7XaqoUaiUY

Aegina is an affordable destination compared to other Greek Islands, thanks to its proximity to Athens, low accommodation and dining prices, and the short distances to reach picturesque beaches.

Our staff is always willing to help dialysis patients organize their trip to Aegina by informing them about the vessels’ itineraries from the port of Piraeus (Athens) and suggesting accommodation.

Manolis Logothetis
Head Nephrologist

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