Holiday Dialysis

Some dialysis patients may be unaware that it is possible to dialyse away from the home unit either here in the UK or abroad.

DialysisAway is new online platform, backed by the UK government, aimed at helping patients to travel more freely through easier coordination of the paperwork required by clinics. We would be very grateful if you could complete this survey, which is very short and should only take a few minutes. The survey findings will be used to ensure the attention of policy makers on dialysis patient freedom. Find the survey at

We are working with the NHS and kidney patient organisations to develop solutions for improved freedom for all dialysis patients. To do this, we want to hear from patients about their experiences with arranging dialysis away from base. We know this issue is important to many patients, but other surveys do not focus of this aspect of life on dialysis, and as a result there is a lack of formal patient feedback on this key issue. The NKF kindly supported this initiative by launching the survey in the latest In Touch newsletter.

Travel for dialysis patients is a real challenge – arranging dialysis away from base can be daunting, difficult and time consuming. As a result, travel for most patients is very limited. As the government loosens Covid restrictions, most of the population will regain their freedom to roam. But for many dialysis patients, unless changes are made, there is a risk that life may continue to feel like a permanent lockdown. At DialysisAway we are determined to fix the DAFB process, so that dialysis patients have the same freedom to travel as everyone else – not just for a week in the sun, but for short breaks to see family and friends, and to work.

Haemo dialysis Holidays

The key to this is do your own research. BAKPA does not endorse or recommend any Commercial Specialist Dialysis Travel Agencies. If you do a search on you can find the address and contact details of units within a 15 mile radius of your destination.

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