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March 2022 Dialysis Away would like people to complete a short survey concerning patient freedom to travel and dialyse, for more information see the Holiday Dialysis page. https://tinyurl.com/Dialysis-Travel-Survey

The Bristol Kidney Patients Association (BAKPA), a local independent registered charity (271775), set up by patients and carers of the Richard Bright Renal Unit at Southmead Hospital in Bristol, provide goods and services (not provided by the Hospital Trust) for the use of patients, carers and staff.

The Association aims to provide the treatment, welfare and comfort of kidney patients.

The Association has approximately 200 members, most of whom are kidney patients and carers from the South West of England.

BAKPA has a strong association with the medical staff in the renal unit supporting their efforts to provide an excellent service to patients by providing:

  • partial funding of research
  • input into future patient services
  • refurbishment of wards
  • provision of specialist equipment
  • access to wards and dialysis units for visiting patients

We have also provided equipment for general use within the unit including a Haemofiltration Unit and ice machines for use by dialysis patients.

Equipment funded or part funded by Bakpa

Read more about the equipment in our blog

Bioimpedance machine
Bioimpedance machine
Bariatric chair
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Satellite Units Equipment

We have given £80,000 towards equipping two satellite units based in Weston Super Mare and Bath which were opened in 1995.

The Committee of BAKPA are always interested to hear from renal patients who are receiving treatment at the Renal Unit in Southmead Hospital (or any of it’s satellite units) with an item / project where they may be able to help in any way.

BAKPA Properties

Hales House

For those patients who live a long way from Southmead Hospital, BAKPA has a two bedroom property for the use of patients and carers during long or short term treatment in hospital. It is also for relatives or friends visiting a patient following a procedure such as a transplant. No charge is made for this service, but all donations are gratefully received.

Hales House Kitchen
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Bournemouth Flat

It is with great sadness that we announce the closure of the Bournemouth flat. This is due to the terms of the lease, under which we are no longer able to use the flat as a holiday property. I know many of you will have very happy memories of holidays spent in the flat, but rest assured, this is just the end of a chapter, and the start of a new one.

BAKPA will be looking to purchase another property for holiday use by our members over the coming months, hopefully in Devon, which we feel will be easier for members to access. We are very excited about this new opportunity and look forward to sharing details of the new property with you all in due course. Thank you to all the members who did use the Bournemouth flat and who have regularly expressed their thanks and their enjoyment of it

BAKPA funds a patient information folder which is provided to all patients when they approach dialysis. This folder contains essential information about treatment, exercise and general health whilst on dialysis, a list of useful websites and other contacts.

We also…

  • publish a quarterly magazine
  • run social events including an annual raffle
  • sponsor a team of local athletes for the National and International Transplant Games.

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