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Patient Advice, Advocacy and Support

BAKPA has a policy of not recommending or endorsing any individual support groups. We are an integral part of the National Kidney Federation. This consists of member Kidney Patient Associations. The NKF by pooling the resources of member KPA is able to offer a dedicated information line and has produced about 200 patient information leaflets covering common to obscure conditions. These leaflets are written, examined and approved by qualified, experienced and respected nephrologists. Do your own research, use the NKF helpline and internet as a tool but remember to ask and rely on your nephrologist. He or she has full details of your specific condition and is able to make a judgement in your best interest, taking into account contradicting side effects of all medication you are prescribed. Your nephrologist is trained to make the best use of medication. One medication with it’s ideal dosage, in isolation, may bring your other results out of kilter to dangerous levels, your nephrologist is trained to use his skill in making the best compromise without possible conflicting effects. Some medications work against each other and variable life style and diet are complicating factors. No person, trained or lay, can know all the answers all the time but it is safer to trust your nephrologist with the full information on your condition rather than any generic or empirical advice.

In the NKF financial accounts of 2013/ 2014 a sum of about £50,000 has been spent on the helpline. The helpline staff apart from giving medically approved advice and patient information also operate a buddy system where you are put in touch with patients experiencing similar conditions and complications. BAKPA can see no reason to duplicate this effort and certainly this would not be an efficient use of our funds by attempting to do so. All our members are encouraged to use this NKF resource.

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Help for Kidney Patients and Carers

NBT now has dedicated staff to support carers and offer discounts on Parking and restaurant meals as well as increased access outside normal ward visiting times.  Click on the Support for Carers link on the left for more details.

The NKF Helpline provides assistance to patients, carers, family, friends and medical professionals. Seek advice, obtain literature, get help, all from the one Helpline number (details below). It is open for calls from 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday.

Tel: (0845) 601 02 09


Address: Helpline
National Kidney Federation
The Point, Coach Road
Shireoaks, Worksop
Notts  S81 8BW

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Our officer is Kate Cresswell, Kate is employed by the NKF to assist any kidney patients in the BAKPA area. Help is not confined to BAKPA members her remit is to help all renal patients in our catchment area. Kate can be contacted on 01823 270567 or 07855 738619 email