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Kidney Research UK and British Kidney Patient Association announce important new collaboration

Kidney Research UK and the British Kidney Patient Association (BKPA) have announced a rationalisation of their welfare grant schemes to improve support for kidney patients and increase investment in renal research.

From the 1st September 2012 all patient applications for welfare grant assistance will be received and administered by the BKPA in accordance with their normal grant process. Kidney Research UK will no longer provide such welfare grants and their scheme will close.

Applications made from 1st September must be made using the BKPA application form. Prior to this date, both schemes will remain open and applications will be accepted by both organisations. During August any applications received by Kidney Research UK, on the Kidney Research UK application form, will be passed to the BKPA who will take over the assessment and award process.

As part of this change, the BKPA grant remit will be revised and widened to ensure that all areas of support currently offered by the two organisations are included. Kidney Research UK will continue to provide a kidney health information service.

Alongside these changes, Kidney Research UK is expanding its commitment to renal research funding through its collaborative working with the BKPA. Currently both organisations jointly fund the Rare Diseases Registry (RADAR) and our next joint commitment will be the “Dr Tony Wing Award”, a 3-year award. Both are being managed by Kidney Research UK.

The organisations recognise the reliance and benefits that patients have received from these schemes in the past and see this change as a prudent and efficient step within the joint kidney community to ensure that patients’ hardship needs continue to be met into the future.

As the kidney patient population expands and the requirement for assistance grows, the change will make patient support fit for the future, whilst also reducing the cost of delivering this service, thereby increasing the levels of direct support available for patient needs.

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Notes to Editors:

About Kidney Research UK

Kidney Research UK is the largest funder dedicated to research into kidney disease in the UK. Founded in 1961, the organisation recently celebrated its 50th anniversary supporting ground- breaking medical research to save lives.

Kidney disease is a silent killer and every year around 50,000 people are treated for kidney failure, 3,000 people die on dialysis, while 300 die waiting for a kidney transplant.

Kidney Research UK is dedicated to substantially reducing these numbers through funding life- saving research into kidney disease and by generating public awareness of kidney health.

90 per cent of people on the transplant list are waiting for a kidney, which is approximately 7,000 patients. Even though cases of kidney failure are increasing by five per cent every year, Kidney Research UK is currently only able to fund one in five research projects it receives proposals for, all of which are aimed at enhancing treatments and ultimately finding a cure for kidney disease.

About the British Kidney Patient Association

The British Kidney Patient Association supports kidney patients and associated health professionals around the UK. This well established charity is: